Thursday, August 16, 2007

Too busy having adventures to record them

Monday, I started the day discussing ways to improve Raleigh's recycling program with a professional in the biz.

I delivered the design for my very first professionally printed campaign materials -- on 100% post-consumer stock by one of Raleigh's two union press shops.

A campaign glossary term: Palm Card-- those pieces of cardboard about a candidate that get put in your palm, unless your quick enough to avoid it. Except of course, mine which you'll want to treasure.

Then I dropped off a proof of the palm card with my biggest contributor yet. (I've just topped $500 in contributions.)

All before 10am!

Then family time with hubby and the red dog walking through the neighborhood, and reminding myself why I love living in Raleigh so much.

I spent the afternoon preparing for my first double meeting evening. Apparently you're not a real candidate unless you have more than meeting for every part of the day.

First was a pleasant hour at Wake Democratic Mens Club monthly meeting. Had I not attended one of these meetings a couple of months ago, I wouldn't be a candidate now. I got to talk to a couple of dozen people that seemed very interested in what I had to say. I also learned some things from the people I was talking with -- always one of my goals. I and the rest of the candidates at the meeting got recognized at the start of the program, just before I had to leave for my next meeting.

One of the neighborhoods near mine is doing a great job of getting together and improving their community--and often seem to be having a good time doing it. They kindly let me campaign for a few minutes at the end of the meeting and were encouraging. I told them one of my favorite ideas of the City having an umbrella non-profit Community Watch that could receive donations so every Community Watch didn't have to pay the $500 fee to the state to set up a non-profit.

I gave out lots of my cards that night. I haven't heard back from anyone though. I've got to be more assertive or find a campaign manager to help me.

Gosh that's just one day...and I've got another big day on Friday: Chamber of Commerce breakfast, then an interview with the Homebuilders!

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