Thursday, August 23, 2007

Palm Cards Are Ready!

My first tool to start really campaigning is ready for me to pick up at the printer.

I'm proud to say my printer is Grass Roots Press on Peace Street near my neighborhood and beside Raleigh landmark Finch's Restaurant. Besides wanting to support a local small business, I choose Grass Roots because they offer a wide range of 100% post consumer waste recycled paper -- and they are only union shop in the area.

I'll be using the palm card(see definition in an earlier post), featuring a photo of me and my dog Ernie, when I'm talking to people in my and surrounding neighborhoods. We've been walking through neighborhoods for 8 years now. I figure people will be more willing to open the door to someone they know has been in the neighborhood for years. I can also give several of them to my friends to give to their neighbors. The palm card also has info about me and my contact info.

With real printed promotional material in hand, I feel like a real candidate.

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