Monday, August 27, 2007

Campaigning to candidates, Some events do have almost all Raleigh residents

I went to the Democrat-sponsored Meet and Greet Friday night. It was an interesting couple of hours, but mostly the same folks that were at the Triangle Community Coalition forum -- candidates and candidate representatives. There was a joke going around about finding someone that wasn't a candidate to talk to. But a few voters were there plus other candidates do vote. It was the place to be if you wanted to talk to a candidate -- a Democrat, one anyway. I got a history lesson or two and continued discussions with people I had met at other events. There were also candidates for the 2008 elections, which was useful for me as voter to get to talk to them. Besides. there was free food.

Saturday, I spent several hours at the Southeast Raleigh Mini-Neighborhood Exchange at Saint Augustine’s College. This is first event that I've attended for the campaign that all but one person I talked to was a Raleigh resident -- and I talked to dozens of people. Usually about a third of folks I talk to don't live in Raleigh.

The event was a collaborative effort among North Central CAC, the Southeast Raleigh Assembly and the college. I thought it was odd that there was no sign of the event on the Community Services city webpage though. Apparently, since it was listed on Southeast Raleigh Assembly webpage, the city thought that was enough. There was a lot of useful information, entertainment and rides for kids -- even free food. It's just a shame that more people weren't there enjoy it.

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