Friday, October 5, 2007

See me on Time Warner Cable 24 all the rest of the candidates --- Friday at 8pm, 9am Saturday and Monday at 8pm.

I just re-taped my 3 minutes for Time Warner Cable 24 -- in Oakwood Park. They came to Raleigh at my convenience because there was a technical problem with the segment that I had taped earlier in the week in their studio in Durham. I wasn't very happy with the earlier one anyway, so I'm hoping that this version will be better.

Let me know what you think.


dylanfan said...

Hi sister!

Sitting at work looking through the wonderful and brilliant Independent Weekly to see what I can find:

Sat., Oct. 6:

10-5 Pullen Arts Fair and Sale, Pullen Park

1-4 Open House at the Buddhist Kadampa Center 5412 Etta Burke Court (off Hillsborough Street west of fairgrounds)

9-3 "What Wise Women Need to Know: Domestic Violence" Wake County Commons Building, 4011 Carya Drive

8 am - noon: Costume Sale at Raleigh Little Theater

10-3 Dog Olympics at Vet School

Sun., Oct. 7:

12:30 Crop Walk Raleigh at Exploris

2-5 Open House and Art Fest for Flower Shuttle (recycling program) at Raleigh Moravian Church, 1816 Ridge Road

7 Buggin' Out! Pesticide Education Project film show at Tir Na Nog, 218 Blount Street

How about the Farmer's Market? Are you allowed to walk around out there and hand out campaign literature?

Just some ideas -- can't promise (Lee has SAT Sat. morning) but we'll try our best to get up with you sometime over the weekend to help put cards to palms.

Hang in there for the stretch!

L, L.

dylanfan said...

Sorry -- that was supposed to go on the entry below about where to find people; must have crossed paths with the new post.