Sunday, October 7, 2007

The search for voters on a Saturday

The Dog Olympics at NCSU's vet school was a rich source of Raleigh Voters. Almost a three-quarters of the few people that braved the drizzle vote in Raleigh. They all got my palm card with me and Ernie in dog park, plus the Indy endorsement palm card.

Whole Foods was even better. 9 out 10 people shopping on Saturday vote in Raleigh. It was great until the manager very politely explained that no soliciting of any kind was allowed on the premises--inside or out. I probably reached 100 mostly receptive people before I got thrown out though.

Cameron Village on a Saturday is almost useless unless you're talking to employees or library patrons. 9 out 0f the 10 people I approached there were from somewhere else.

Another observation--If you ask someone if they're from Raleigh, often they'll say yes. Then when you start talking about voting, it turns out they live near Raleigh. That suggests that folks in the county and in the nearby small towns think of themselves as part of Raleigh even if they don't actually live within the City limits.

The things you learn campaigning....

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