Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Knocking on doors

I started knocking on doors and leaving palm cards Sunday.

I got a mixed reaction on my street. Some people were very friendly. The conservative elderly lady up the street was noncommittal. Mostly no answers. I'll go back after people have a chance to read my card.

A lot of people seemed to be out of town for the holiday. Working in the every-day-of-the-year newspaper business for 25 years, I sometimes forget about holidays.

One of my other neighbors (a different older woman with a lot experience in government) is helping me with the campaign. Besides advising me on issues, she knocked on doors on her street from one end to the other last week-- about 10 blocks worth. A couple of old friends and dog park folks are helping too. It's a good feeling have supporters to tell people about me and my ideas.

I got an email from someone who is working with one of the other six candidates talking about his candidate needing $40,000 for this race. I'd rather have 400 volunteers get my message out. Most of the people I know aren't big politicos. We've been behind the scenes people at public meetings or neighborhood projects like litter pickups or Community Watches or Dog Park events.

Not that money doesn't help. I'd love to be able to have yard signs sprouting up all over the place like a couple of my fellow candidates. But legally placed ones of course -- not like many of the other signs out there. I guess if I can't get 100 people to give $10 then I maybe I should give up on the idea.

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butcept said...

Hi Helen,

I found out about you from the NewRaleigh interview. I'll be honest, I'm reading about everyone first but you had me at "active career in community involvement". Anyway, just wanted to comment on the $40,000 on campaiging for city council? Really? That is ridiculous. I hope you won't have to go that route, which makes me like you more. :-)

Now back to work...I have more posts to read on your blog...:-)